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Works from my college years at the
Cleveland Institute of Art:

Paper Shepherd - 08:14
My thesis project!

Death By Luxury - 03:47
Escape the world of greed..
Animation by David L. Houry / Directed by NT Bullock
Visit the Death By Luxury homepage / Read feedback about the piece.

Mime Field - 08:30
Hell hath no fury like a mime scorned..

Vonogan - 01:32
A fallen star gets a new perspective..

Me Vs. Us - 02:00
Welcome to my subconscious..

Dart Duo - 00:24
Short n' sweet..

eCards created for American Greetings:
(FREE for you to send to friends, family or enemies)


Rhino Stampede!
Game created for Zicam

Lively Blend
Original concept, based on existing copy

Young at Heart
Young at Heart
I did the character designs,
storyboarding, backgrounds and
helped on some of the animation.

Holiday Surprise
Created for Discover

Halloween Waltz
Animated in collaboration with Anthony Scalmato

Just Dropping In
Paper card conversion

Hedgehog Love
Paper card conversion

Uplifting Dance
Created for Playtex

Snow Joke
Created for Synacor

Cyber Monday
Daily eCard, Original concept

Meet the Robinsons
DVD promo, created for Disney
Original concept and script

Dog Park Game
Created for Purina

Warm Memories
Created for Land O Lakes

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